osrm-extract(1) generate OSRM routing data from OSM data


osrm-extract FILE [OPTIONS]


osrm-extract takes OSM data, ether in a xml file, a bzipped xml or a pbf encoded file. Along with a profile (written in lua). It then creates three files, .osrm which contains the routing data, osrm.restrictions which contains turn restrictions, and .osrm.names which contains the names of the road.
-v, --version
show version
-h, --help
show the help message
-c, --config
path to a configuration file
-p, --profile
path to a Lua routing profile
-t, --threads
number of threads to use


Profiles are written in Lua, and describe how the OSM data can be routed across. Several profiles are available in /etc/osrm/profiles


Using the data file planet-latest.osm.pbf, and the profile /etc/osrm/profiles/car.lua, you would run:

      osrm-extract planet-latest.osm.pbf --profile /etc/osrm/profiles/car.lua

This should then generate: planet-latest.osrm planet-latest.osrm.restrictions planet-latest.osrm.names The next step is to run the osrm-prepare tool.