osrm-routed(1) the OSRM routing service


osrm FILE.osrm [OPTIONS]


The Open Source Routing Machine (OSRM) is a high performance routing engine for finding shortest paths in road networks.

osrm-routed starts the router, it uses then config file given, defaulting to server.ini in the current directory. Note that on Debian, this command is executed by the init file, so for a standard setup, it should not be necessary to run it directly.

-v, --version
show version
-h, --help
show the help message
-c, --config
path to a configuration file


Uses a key = value syntax. The table below gives the keys that can be used.

Threads Number of threads OSRM will use (default 8)
IP IP address that OSRM will use (default
Port Port that OSRM will use (default 5000)
hsgrData OSRM Hierarchy (default suffix: osrm.hsgr)
nodesData Node map (default suffix: osrm.nodes)
edgesData Edge map (default suffix: osrm.edges)
ramIndex Stage 1 index (default suffix: osrm.ramIndex)
fileIndex Stage 2 index (default suffix: osrm.fileIndex)
namesData Road names (default suffix: osrm.names)


The server configuration file used by the OSRM service