ossim-ogeom2ogeom(1) ossim-ogeom2ogeom


ossim-ogeom2ogeom [,options/] ,<input file>/


Description: ossim-ogeom2ogeom takes an input geometry (or image) and creates a converted output geometry


Create a coarse grid projection
Current applies to coarse grid. It will try to make the grid adjustable if the input projection is adjustable
Will disable the elevation
Takes an argument. Arguments are ALL, WARN, NOTICE, INFO, FATAL, DEBUG. If you want multiple disables then just do multiple --disable-notify on the command line. All argument are case insensitive. Default is all are enabled.
Will disable the plugin loader
the projection but 0 out the elevation
takes a logfile as an argument. All output messages are redirected to the specified log file. By default there is no log file and all messages are enabled.
Override the default output name
4 values ulx uly width height
Create an RPC projection
defines the grid size for the rpc estimate default is --rpc-gridsize="10 10"
Used as an error tolerance. Currently on coarse grid uses it and is the pixel error for the estimate
specify individual keywords to add to the preferences keyword list: name=value
specify a preference file to load
specify the classes to trace, ex: ossimInit|ossimImage.* will trace ossimInit and all ossimImage classes
-h or --help
Display this information