ost::CommandOptionArg(3) Class for options with an argument e.g.


#include <cmdoptns.h>

Inherits ost::CommandOptionWithArg.

Public Member Functions

CommandOptionArg (const char *inOptionName, const char *inOptionLetter, const char *inDescription, bool inRequired=false, CommandOption **ppNext=&defaultCommandOptionList)
CommandOptionArg contructor.
virtual ~CommandOptionArg ()

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

Class for options with an argument e.g.

--option value .

Examples: cmdlineopt.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ost::CommandOptionArg::CommandOptionArg (const char * inOptionName, const char * inOptionLetter, const char * inDescription, bool inRequired = false, CommandOption ** ppNext = &defaultCommandOptionList)

CommandOptionArg contructor. This sets the optionType for this object to HasArg.


inOptionName long option name
inOptionLetter short letter name
inDescription short description of the option
inRequired true if option is required
ppNext the linked list header

virtual ost::CommandOptionArg::~CommandOptionArg () [virtual]


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