otbcli_StereoRectificationGridGenerator(1) OTB StereoRectificationGridGenerator application


This is the StereoRectificationGridGenerator application, version 5.2.0 Generates two deformation fields to stereo-rectify (i.e. resample in epipolar geometry) a pair of stereo images up to the sensor model precision

Complete documentation: http://www.orfeo-toolbox.org/Applications/StereoRectificationGridGenerator.html


<boolean> Report progress

 -io.inleft                 <string>         Left input image  (mandatory)
 -io.inright                <string>         Right input image  (mandatory)
 -io.outleft                <string> [pixel] Left output deformation grid  [pixel=uint8/uint16/int16/uint32/int32/float/double] (default value is float) (mandatory)
 -io.outright               <string> [pixel] Right output deformation grid  [pixel=uint8/uint16/int16/uint32/int32/float/double] (default value is float) (mandatory)

<string> DEM directory (optional, off by default)
<string> Geoid File (optional, off by default)
<float> Default elevation (mandatory, default value is 0)
-epi.elevation.avgdem.step <int32>
Sub-sampling step (optional, off by default, default value is 1)
<float> Scale of epipolar images (mandatory, default value is 1)
<int32> Step of the deformation grid (in nb. of pixels) (mandatory, default value is 1)
<string> [pixel] Left inverse deformation grid [pixel=uint8/uint16/int16/uint32/int32/float/double] (default value is float) (optional, off by default)
<string> [pixel] Right inverse deformation grid [pixel=uint8/uint16/int16/uint32/int32/float/double] (default value is float) (optional, off by default)
<int32> Sub-sampling rate for inversion (mandatory, default value is 16)
<string> Load otb application from xml file (optional, off by default)


otbcli_StereoRectificationGridGenerator -io.inleft wv2_xs_left.tif -io.inright wv2_xs_left.tif -io.outleft wv2_xs_left_epi_field.tif -io.outright wv2_xs_right_epi_field.tif -epi.elevation.default 400