otbgui_DSFuzzyModelEstimation(1) OTB DSFuzzyModelEstimation application


This is the DSFuzzyModelEstimation application, version 5.2.0 Estimate feature fuzzy model parameters using 2 vector data (ground truth samples and wrong samples).

Complete documentation: http://www.orfeo-toolbox.org/Applications/DSFuzzyModelEstimation.html


-progress <boolean>
Report progress

 -psin     <string>         Input Positive Vector Data  (mandatory)
 -nsin     <string>         Input Negative Vector Data  (mandatory)
 -belsup   <string list>    Belief Support  (mandatory)
 -plasup   <string list>    Plausibility Support  (mandatory)

<string> Criterion (optional, on by default, default value is ((Belief + Plausibility)/2.))
<float> Weighting (optional, on by default, default value is 0.5)
<string> initialization model (optional, off by default)
-desclist <string list>
Descriptor list (optional, off by default)
<int32> Maximum number of iterations (optional, on by default, default value is 200)
<boolean> Optimizer Observer (optional, off by default)

 -out      <string>         Output filename  (mandatory)

<string> Load otb application from xml file (optional, off by default)


otbgui_DSFuzzyModelEstimation -psin cdbTvComputePolylineFeatureFromImage_LI_NOBUIL_gt.shp -nsin cdbTvComputePolylineFeatureFromImage_LI_NOBUIL_wr.shp -belsup "ROADSA" -plasup "NONDVI" "ROADSA" "NOBUIL" -initmod Dempster-Shafer/DSFuzzyModel_Init.xml -maxnbit 4 -optobs true -out DSFuzzyModelEstimation.xml