otbgui_HomologousPointsExtraction(1) OTB HomologousPointsExtraction application


This is the HomologousPointsExtraction application, version 5.2.0 allows one to compute homologous points between images using keypoints

Complete documentation: http://www.orfeo-toolbox.org/Applications/HomologousPointsExtraction.html


<boolean> Report progress

 -in1                   <string>         Input Image 1  (mandatory)

<int32> Input band 1 (mandatory, default value is 1)

 -in2                   <string>         Input Image 2  (mandatory)

<int32> Input band 2 (mandatory, default value is 1)
<string> Keypoints detection algorithm [surf/sift] (mandatory, default value is surf)
<float> Distance threshold for matching (mandatory, default value is 0.6)
<boolean> Use back-matching to filter matches. (optional, off by default)
<string> Keypoints search mode [full/geobins] (mandatory, default value is full)
<int32> Size of bin (mandatory, default value is 256)
-mode.geobins.binsizey <int32>
Size of bin (y direction) (optional, off by default)
<int32> Steps between bins (mandatory, default value is 256)
-mode.geobins.binstepy <int32>
Steps between bins (y direction) (optional, off by default)
<int32> Margin from image border to start/end bins (in pixels) (mandatory, default value is 10)
<float> Estimated precision of the colocalisation function (in pixels). (mandatory, default value is 0)
<boolean> Filter points according to geographical or sensor based colocalisation (optional, off by default)
<boolean> If enabled, points from second image will be exported in WGS84 (optional, off by default)
<string> DEM directory (optional, off by default)
<string> Geoid File (optional, off by default)
<float> Default elevation (mandatory, default value is 0)

 -out                   <string>         Output file with tie points  (mandatory)

<string> Output vector file with tie points (optional, off by default)
<string> Load otb application from xml file (optional, off by default)


otbgui_HomologousPointsExtraction -in1 sensor_stereo_left.tif -in2 sensor_stereo_right.tif -mode full -out homologous.txt