otbgui_SarRadiometricCalibration(1) OTB SarRadiometricCalibration application


This is the SarRadiometricCalibration application, version 5.2.0 Perform radiometric calibration of SAR images. Following sensors are supported: TerraSAR-X, Sentinel1 and Radarsat-2.Both Single Look Complex(SLC) and detected products are supported as input.

Complete documentation: http://www.orfeo-toolbox.org/Applications/SarRadiometricCalibration.html


-progress <boolean>
Report progress

 -in       <string>         Input Image  (mandatory)
 -out      <string> [pixel] Output Image  [pixel=uint8/uint16/int16/uint32/int32/float/double] (default value is float) (mandatory)

<int32> Available RAM (Mb) (optional, off by default, default value is 128)
<boolean> Disable Noise (optional, off by default)
<string> Lookup table sigma /gamma/ beta/ DN. [sigma/gamma/beta/dn] (mandatory, default value is sigma)
<string> Load otb application from xml file (optional, off by default)


otbgui_SarRadiometricCalibration -in RSAT_imagery_HH.tif -out SarRadiometricCalibration.tif