otfprint(1) otfprint


otfprint - Convert an OTF trace or parts of it into a human readable, long
Syntax: otfprint [options] <input file name>
-h, --help
show this help message
show OTF version
-f <n>
set max number of filehandles available (default: 50)
-o <file>
output file if the ouput file is unspecified the stdout will be used
--num <a> <b> output only records no. [a,b]
--time <a> <b>
output only records with time stamp in [a,b]
omit definition records
omit event records
omit statistic records
omit snapshot records
omit marker records
omit key-value pairs
show key-value pairs including the contents of byte-arrays
--procs <a>
show only processes <a> <a> is a space-seperated list of process-tokens
--records <a> show only records <a>
<a> is a space-seperated list of record-type-numbers record-type-numbers can be found in OTF_Definitions.h (OTF_*_RECORD)
-s, --silent
do not display anything except the time otfprint needed to read the tracefile