Packager(3) A class for creating the Excel XLSX package.


See the documentation for Excel::Writer::XLSX.


This module is used in conjunction with Excel::Writer::XLSX to create an Excel XLSX container file.

From Wikipedia: The Open Packaging Conventions (OPC) is a container-file technology initially created by Microsoft to store a combination of XML and non-XML files that together form a single entity such as an Open XML Paper Specification (OpenXPS) document. <>.

At its simplest an Excel XLSX file contains the following elements:

     ____ [Content_Types].xml
    |____ docProps
    | |____ app.xml
    | |____ core.xml
    |____ xl
    | |____ workbook.xml
    | |____ worksheets
    | | |____ sheet1.xml
    | |
    | |____ styles.xml
    | |
    | |____ theme
    | | |____ theme1.xml
    | |
    | |_____rels
    |   |____ workbook.xml.rels
      |____ .rels

The "Excel::Writer::XLSX::Package::Packager" class co-ordinates the classes that represent the elements of the package and writes them into the XLSX file.


John McNamara [email protected]


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See the documentation for Excel::Writer::XLSX.