Padre::Task::LexicalReplaceVariable(3) Lexically variable replace using PPI


my $replacer = Padre::Task::LexicalReplaceVariable->new(
document => $document_obj,
location => [ $line, $column ], # the position of *any* occurrence of the variable
replacement => '$foo',


Given a location in the document (line/column), determines the name of the variable at this position, finds where the variable was defined, and lexically replaces all occurrences with another variable.

The replacement can either be provided explicitly by the user (using the "replacement" option) or the user may set the "to_camel_case" or "from_camel_case" options. In that case the variable will be converted to/from camel case. With the latter options, "ucfirst" will force the upper-casing of the first letter (as is typical with global variables).


Steffen Mueller "[email protected]"


Copyright 2008-2013 The Padre development team as listed in

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