Padre::Wx::FindResult(3) Find and list all occurrences


"Padre::Wx::FindResult" Displays a list of all the occurrences of term in a file. Clicking on an item in the list will go to the line in that editor.


Create the new Find results panel.


Sets the label of the tab. Called automatically when the object is created.



Works out the correct column widths for the list columns.


On double click event go to the selected line in the editor


   $self->select_line($lineNumber, $editor);

Sets the focus to the selected line.



Set the column headings to the list.



Reset the column headings if locales are changed.


Called when the user presses a right click or a context menu key (on Win32).


        my $entry->[0]->{lineNumber} = 10;
        $entry->[0]->{line} = ' this is at line 10';

Populate the list with the line number and text.