Page(3) defines and displays a visual boundary for a viewer


#include <Unidraw/page.h>


A Page object delineates an area of interest in a viewer. The page's appearance guides the user to stay within a particular area, and the page's bounding box defines the total scrollable area in the viewer. Page displays a rectangle by default, but the boundary can be an arbitrary graphic. The page occludes any graphical components in the viewer. A typical use for a page is to define the page boundary in a drawing editor; graphics beyond this area will not appear on the printed page.


Page(float width, float height)
Instantiate a rectangular page with dimensions width and height, in pixels.
Instantiate a page of arbitrary appearance, as defined by a graphic. The graphic's bounding box defines the total scrollable area.
virtual Graphic* GetGraphic()
Returns the graphic defining the page's appearance.