pagemon(8) a tool to monitor memory pages.


pagemon [options]


pagemon is a program that allows one to interactively monitor the memory pages of a process.


pagemon options are as follow:
enable automatic zoom mode, this will change the zoom level to show the entire page map in the window, up to a maximum zoom level of 999.
-d delay
delay in microseconds between data refreshes, the default is 10,000 microseconds (1/100th of a second).
show help.
specify the process id (PID) or name of the process to monitor. If a name is given, then pagemon will monitor the first process that matches the name.
read pages into memory. This will force all pages in the process to be read into physical memory.
-t ticks
specify ticks between dirty page checks. The default is 60 ticks; the larger the value the longer time between dirty page checks.
enable VM information view. This is equivalent to pressing the 'v' or 'V' key when running pagemon.
-z zoom
specify the default zoom level on page view, the default is 1 (that is 1-to-1 view of pages). Higher values increase the zoom level so more pages are represented in the map view.


HomeMove cursor to start of page map or start of page
EndMove cursor to end of page map or end of page
Cursor UpMove cursor up
Cursor DownMove cursor down
Cursor LeftMove cursor left
Cursor RightMove cursor right
Page UpMove cursor 1/2 page up
Page DownMove cursor 1/2 page down
Esc, q, QQuit
EnterToggle page map / memory map view
TabToggle detailed view of page
a, AToggle automatic zoom mode
v, VToggle Virtual Memory statistics of process
p, PToggle page statistics
?, hToggle help
c, CClose all the pop up windows
r, RForce all pages in process to be read into memory
tIncrease ticks between Dirty Page updates
TDecrease ticks between Dirty Page updates
+, zZoom in (only in page map view)
-, ZZoom out (only in page map view)
[Zoom scale to 1, turn off automatic zoom mode
]Zoom scale to 999, turn off automatic zoom mode


Monitor the thunderbird process:

sudo pagemon -p thunderbird

Monitor process 1 (init), zoom scale of 4:

sudo pagemon -p 1 -z 4


pagemon was written by Colin King <[email protected]> with contributions from Dr. David Alan Gilbert.

This manual page was written by Colin King <[email protected]>, for the Ubuntu project (but may be used by others).


Copyright © 2016 Canonical Ltd.
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.