Palm::Address(3) Handler for Palm AddressBook databases


use Palm::Address;


The Address PDB handler is a helper class for the Palm::PDB package. It parses AddressBook databases.

AppInfo block

The AppInfo block begins with standard category support. See Palm::StdAppInfo for details.

Other fields include:


I don't know what these are.


These are the names of the various fields in the address record.


An integer: the code for the country for which these labels were designed. The country name is available as


An integer. The least-significant bit is a flag that indicates whether the database should be sorted by company. The other bits are reserved.

Sort block


This is a scalar, the raw data of the sort block.


    $record = $pdb->{records}[N];

These are scalars, the values of the various address book fields.


Most fields in an AddressBook record are straightforward: the ``name'' field always gives the person's last name.

The "phoneN`` fields, on the other hand, can mean different things in different records. There are five such fields in each record, each of which can take on one of eight different values: ''Work``, ''Home``, ''Fax``, ''Other``, ''E-mail``, ''Main``, ''Pager`` and ''Mobile".

The $record->{phoneLabel}{phone*} fields are integers. Each one is an index into @Palm::Address::phoneLabels, and indicates which particular type of phone number each of the $record->{phone*} fields represents.


Like the phone* fields above, this is an index into @Palm::Address::phoneLabels. It indicates which of the phone* fields to display in the list view.


I don't know what this is.



  $pdb = new Palm::Address;

Create a new PDB, initialized with the various Palm::Address fields and an empty record list.

Use this method if you're creating an Address PDB from scratch.


  $record = $pdb->new_Record;

Creates a new Address record, with blank values for all of the fields. The AppInfo block will contain only an ``Unfiled'' category, with ID 0.

"new_Record" does not add the new record to $pdb. For that, you want "$pdb->append_Record".


The source is in Github:


Alessandro Zummo, "<[email protected]>"

Currently maintained by brian d foy, "<[email protected]>"


The new() method initializes the AppInfo block with English labels and ``United States'' as the country.