Palm::ZirePhoto(3) Handler for Palm Zire71 Photo thumbnail databases.


use Palm::ZirePhoto;


The Zire71 PDB handler is a helper class for the Palm::PDB package. It parses Zire71 Photo thumbnail databases (and, hopefully, Tungsten Photo databases). Actual photos are separate databases and must be processed separately.

This database is currently only capable of reading.

AppInfo block

The AppInfo block begins with standard category support. See Palm::StdAppInfo for details.


Records may contain no data fields. This occurs when the record has been marked deleted on the Palm, presumably in order to save space (Photo has no provision for archiving when deleting and the separate database storage for the actual images would make it pointless anyways).

    $record = $pdb->{records}[N]

The actual JPEG images dimensions and (compressed) file size.


The thumbnail is a very small (max size approx 84x84) JPEG format image.


Image name. Appending ".jpg" to this will give the database name of the actual image data.


Unix epoch time of when the image was last modified ("time1") and when it was created ("time2").

Photo Databases

Actual photos are stored in separate databases. Each record is preceded by an 8 byte header that describes it a) as a data block (DBLK) and b) the size of the block. Records are generally 4k, except for the last. To convert a Photo database to a JPEG image, one would do something like:

        use Palm::Raw;
        my $pdb = new Palm::PDB;
        $pdb->Load( "image.jpg.pdb" );
        open F, ">image.jpg";
        for( @{$pdb->{records}} ) {
                print F substr($_->{'data'}, 8);
        close F;

Notes are stored at the end of the JPEG image. Use "ParseNote" to get it.


Handling Palm photos can be a bit complicated. Some helper methods are exported to make some special cases a bit easier.


        my $photo = read_jpeg_file( "image.jpg" );
        my $note = Palm::ZirePhoto::ParseNote($photo);
        print "Note: $note" if defined $note;

The Palm photo application stores user notes at the end of the JPEG file itself. This method will extract that note and return it. "undef" is returned if the note is unavailable.


        my $album = slurp("/DCIM/Unfiled/Album.db");
        my @records = Palm::ZirePhoto::ParseAlbum( $album );
        print $_->{name},"\n" for( @records );

Photos on memory cards are stored in subdirectories of "/DCIM". The meta-data for these images are stored in "Album.db" files under each category directory. This method will parse out the meta-data into an array of records similar to those returned by "ParseRecord". Thumbnail information, however, is not available.


The source is in Github:


Alessandro Zummo, "<[email protected]>"

Currently maintained by brian d foy, "<[email protected]>"