parole(1) Gstreamer-based media player



parole [OPTION...]

Help Options:

-h, --help
Show help options
Show all help options
Show GStreamer Options
Show GTK+ Options

GStreamer Options

Print the GStreamer version
Make all warnings fatal
Print available debug categories and exit
Default debug level from 1 (only error) to 5 (anything) or 0 for no output
Comma-separated list of category_name:level pairs to set specific levels for the individual categories. Example: GST_AUTOPLUG:5,GST_ELEMENT_*:3
Disable colored debugging output
Disable debugging
Enable verbose plugin loading diagnostics
Colon-separated paths containing plugins
Comma-separated list of plugins to preload in addition to the list stored in environment variable GST_PLUGIN_PATH
Disable trapping of segmentation faults during plugin loading
Disable updating the registry
Disable spawning a helper process while scanning the registry

GTK+ Options

Program class as used by the window manager
Program name as used by the window manager
X screen to use
Make X calls synchronous
Load additional GTK+ modules
Make all warnings fatal

Application Options:

-i, --new-instance
Open a new instance
-n, --no-plugins
Do not load plugins
Set Audio-CD/VCD/DVD device path
-p, --play
Play or pause if already playing
-s, --stop
Stop playing
-N, --next-track
Next track
-P, --previous-track
Previous track
-f, --seek-f
Seek forward
-b, --seek-b
Seek Backward
-r, --raise-volume
Raise volume
-l, --lower-volume
Lower volume
-m, --mute
Mute volume
-V, --version
Version information
-E, --embedded
Use embedded mode
-F, --fullscreen
Start in fullscreen mode
Enabled/Disable XV support
-a, --add
Add files to playlist
X display to use


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