parrot-nqp(1) Not Quite Perl (6)


parrot-nqp <file>


This is ``Not Quite Perl (6)'' --- a High Level Language (HLL) which allows one to write Perl6-like code. The key feature of NQP is that it's designed to be an easy-to-parse subset of Perl 6. It is geared towards being a high-level way to create transformers for Parrot (especially HLL compilers). It is based on PCT::HLLCompiler.

NQP is used as a bootstrapping language in for Rakudo, and hence developed outside of the main Parrot git repository. It is occasionally snapshotted into the main Parrot codebase so it can be bundled with Parrot releases and be used by core Parrot developers as well as HLL developers.

Command Line Usage

For help use :


To show version use :


To display the parse tree for regular expression use :


To dispaly the PIR subroutine gererated to match the regular expression use :


For dumper use :


To trace use :


For encoding use :


To combine use :


For stage stats use :


For backtrace use :


For output use :



For more help or any other question you go to <> or <>.Or you can send email to '[email protected]'. You are also invited to join the #parrot IRC channel on