Parse::MediaWikiDump::Links(3) Object capable of processing link dump files


This object is used to access content of the SQL based category dump files by providing an iterative interface for extracting the indidivual article links to the same. Objects returned are an instance of Parse::MediaWikiDump::link.


$pmwd = Parse::MediaWikiDump->new;
$links = $pmwd->links('pagelinks.sql');
$links = $pmwd->links(\*FILEHANDLE);

#print the links between articles
while(defined($link = $links->next)) {
print 'from ', $link->from, ' to ', $link->namespace, ':', $link->to, "\n";


This software is being RETIRED - MediaWiki::DumpFile is the official successor to Parse::MediaWikiDump and includes a compatibility library called MediaWiki::DumpFile::Compat that is 100% API compatible and is a near perfect standin for this module. It is faster in all instances where it counts and is actively maintained. Any undocumented deviation of MediaWiki::DumpFile::Compat from Parse::MediaWikiDump is considered a bug and will be fixed.


Create a new instance of a page links dump file parser
Return the next available Parse::MediaWikiDump::link object or undef if there is no more data left


List all links between articles in a friendly way

  use strict;
  use warnings;
  use Parse::MediaWikiDump;
  my $pmwd = Parse::MediaWikiDump->new;
  my $links = $pmwd->links(shift) or die "must specify a pagelinks dump file";
  my $dump = $pmwd->pages(shift) or die "must specify an article dump file";
  my %id_to_namespace;
  my %id_to_pagename;
  binmode(STDOUT, ':utf8');
  #build a map between namespace ids to namespace names
  foreach (@{$dump->namespaces}) {
        my $id = $_->[0];
        my $name = $_->[1];     
        $id_to_namespace{$id} = $name;
  #build a map between article ids and article titles
  while(my $page = $dump->next) {
        my $id = $page->id;
        my $title = $page->title;
        $id_to_pagename{$id} = $title;
  $dump = undef; #cleanup since we don't need it anymore
  while(my $link = $links->next) {
        my $namespace = $link->namespace;
        my $from = $link->from;
        my $to = $link->to;
        my $namespace_name = $id_to_namespace{$namespace};      
        my $fully_qualified;
        my $from_name = $id_to_pagename{$from};
        if ($namespace_name eq '') {
                #default namespace
                $fully_qualified = $to;
        } else {
                $fully_qualified = "$namespace_name:$to";
        print "Article \"$from_name\" links to \"$fully_qualified\"\n";