parseval(1) comparative analysis of two alternative sources of annotation


parseval [,options/] ,reference.gff3 prediction.gff3/


Basic options:
Print debugging messages
Print help message and exit
-l|--delta: INT
Extend gene loci by this many nucleotides; default is 0
Print verbose warning messages
Print version number and exit
Output options:
-a|--datashare: STRING
Location from which to copy shared data for HTML output (if `make install' has not yet been run)
-f|--outformat: STRING
Indicate desired output format; possible options: 'csv', 'text', or 'html' (default='text'); in 'text' or 'csv' mode, will create a single file; in 'html' mode, will create a directory
Do no print GFF3 output corresponding to each comparison
-o|--outfile: FILENAME
File/directory to which output will be written; default is the terminal (STDOUT)
In HTML output mode, skip generation of PNG graphics for each gene locus
Only print summary statistics, do not print individual comparisons
Force overwrite of any existing output files
-x|--refrlabel: STRING
Optional label for reference annotations
-y|--predlabel: STRING
Optional label for prediction annotations
Filtering options:
Create a default configuration file for filtering reported results and quit, performing no comparisons
-r|--filterfile: STRING
Use the indicated configuration file to filter reported results;
-t|--maxtrans: INT
Maximum transcripts allowed per locus; use 0 to disable limit; default is 32