partclone.extfs(8) The utility for clone and restore an etx2/ext3 partition.


partclone.extfs [options]... [MODE] [SOURCE FILE] [OUTPUT FILE]


partclone.extfs is a part of Partclone project for ext2/3 file system. Partclone is a project like the well-known backup utility "Partition Image" a.k.a partimage. Partclone provide utilities to back up used blocks and design for higher compatibility of the file system using supported library like e2fslibs.


-o, --output FILE
Output FILE
-O --overwrite FILE
Output FILE, overwriting if exists
-s, --source FILE
Source FILE
-L, --logfile FILE
-c, --clone
Save to the special image format
-r, --restore
Restore from the special image format
-b, --dev-to-dev
Local device to device copy mode
-D, --domain
Create GNU Ddrescue domain log file from source device

Add X (in bytes) to all positions reported in the domain log file
-R, --rescue
Continue after disk read errors
-dX, --debug=X
Set the debug level to X = [0|1|2]
-C, --no_check
Don't check device size and free space
-X, --dialog
Output message as Dialog Format
-I, --ignore_fschk
Ignore filesystem check
Ignore crc check error
-F, --force
Force progress
-f, --UI-fresh
Fresh times of progress
-q, --quiet
quiet mode, no progress update
-v, --version
Display partclone version
-h, --help
Display this help


clone /dev/hda1 to hda1.img and display debug information.

partclone.extfs -c -d -s /dev/hda1 -o hda1.img

restore /dev/hda1 from hda1.img and display debug information.

partclone.extfs -r -d -s hda1.img -o /dev/hda1

restore image from clonezilla(split, gzip,) with stdin source

cat sda1.ext3-ptcl-img.gz.a* > gunzip -c | partclone.ext3 -d -r -s - -o /dev/sda1


Report bugs to <[email protected]>


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This manual page was written by Thomas Tsai <[email protected]>