partimaged(8) backup/restore partitions server


partimaged [ -DhLv ] [-r directory] [-p port] [-g loglevel]


partimaged can be used to use partimage over the network. Run partimaged on the computer where you want to save image files and run partimage on stations you want to backup.


-D --daemon
Start server in daemon mode.
-h --help
Show help
-L --nologin
Accept only clients with login support disabled. Clients with login support enabled will be refused. This option should be used only if clients ask it.
-v --version
Show version
-p port --port port
Give server's listening port.
-d directory --dest directory
Directory where the images will be stored.
-g debuglevel --debug debuglevel
Set the debug level to debuglevel (defaults to 1).
-r dir --chroot dir
Use chroot to improve security.


You can read options set at compile time running 'partimage -i'.


Refer to BUGS file to read them.


Franck Ladurelle <[email protected]>
Francois Dupoux  <[email protected]>