passenger-stress-test(1) stress tests a Phusion Passenger powered website.


passenger-stress-test <hostname> <app_root> [options]


Stress test the given (Phusion Passenger-powered) website by

- crawling it with multiple concurrently running crawlers.

- gracefully restarting Apache at random times

- restarting the target (Phusion Passenger-powered) application at random times


-c, --concurrency <number>
Number of crawlers to start (default = 20)
-p, --apache-restart-interval <interval>
Gracefully restart Apache after <interval> minutes (default = 1440)
-a, --app-restart-interval <interval>
Restart the application after <interval> minutes (default = 55)
-h, --help
Output help information and exit.


Phusion Passenger is written by Phusion (

"Phusion" and "Phusion Passenger" are trademarks of Hongli Lai & Ninh Bui.

This manual page was written by Neil Wilson <[email protected]> for the Ubuntu project (but may be used by others).