Path::Dispatcher::Rule::Under(3) rules under a predicate


my $ticket = Path::Dispatcher::Rule::Tokens->new(
tokens => [ 'ticket' ],
prefix => 1,
my $create = Path::Dispatcher::Rule::Tokens->new(
tokens => [ 'create' ],
block => sub { create_ticket() },
my $delete = Path::Dispatcher::Rule::Tokens->new(
tokens => [ 'delete', qr/^\d+$/ ],
block => sub { delete_ticket(shift->pos(2)) },
my $rule = Path::Dispatcher::Rule::Under->new(
predicate => $ticket,
rules => [ $create, $delete ],
$rule->match("ticket create");
$rule->match("ticket delete 3");


Rules of this class have two-phase matching: if the predicate is matched, then the contained rules are matched. The benefit of this is less repetition of the predicate, both in terms of code and in matching it.



A rule (which must match prefixes) whose match determines whether the contained rules are considered. The leftover path of the predicate is used as the path for the contained rules.


A list of rules that will be try to be matched only if the predicate is matched.