pathspider(1) Internet Path Transparency Measurement Tool


pathspider [-h] [-s] [-l] [-p PLUGIN] [-i INTERFACE] [-w WORKER_COUNT] INPUTFILE OUTPUTFILE


For each target PATHspider enqueues a job, to be distributed amongst the worker threads when available. Each worker performs one connection with the “A” configuration and one connection with the “B” configuration. The “A” configuration will always be connected first and serves as the base line measurement, followed by the “B” configuration.


positional arguments:

a file containing a list of remote hosts to test, with any accompanying metadata expected by the pathspider test. this file should be formatted as a commaseperated values file.
the file to output results data to

optional arguments:

-h, --help
show help message and exit
-s, --standalone
run in standalone mode. this is the default mode (and currently the only supported mode). in the future, mplane will be supported as a mode of operation.
-l, --list-plugins
print the list of installed plugins
-p PLUGIN, --plugin PLUGIN
use named plugin
the interface to use for the observer
-w WORKER_COUNT, --worker-count WORKER_COUNT
number of workers to use


You can run a small study using ECNSpider and the included webinput.csv file to measure path transparency to ECN for a small selection of web servers:

  # pathspider -i eth0 -w 10 \
      /usr/share/doc/pathspider/examples/webinput.csv \


Bugs relating to the operation of PATHspider should be filed against the pathspider package using reportbug(1).


PATHspider is copyrighted by the authors of PATHspider. It is made available under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2, or at your option any later version, which can be found at:


This manual page was written for Debian by Iain R. Learmonth <[email protected]> but may be used by others under the same terms.