pdbdump(1) Print the contents of a Palm PDB file


"pdbdump" [options] filename


"pdbdump" reads a PalmOS .pdb file, parses it, and prints its contents. This includes both a hex dump of the raw data of each piece, and a human-readable list of the various values, insofar as possible. The aim of "pdbdump" is to allow one to verify whether a particular file is a well-formed PalmOS database file and if not, where the error lies.

If the database is of a known type, "pdbdump" parses the AppInfo block and records. Otherwise, it simply prints out a hex dump of their contents. "pdbdump" includes, by default, support for most of the built-in applications. Other helper modules may be loaded with the "-M" option.


-h -help --help
Print a usage message and exit.
Don't print the hex dump of the various parts.
"use" the named module. This can be useful for loading additional helper modules.


"pdbdump" only recognizes record databases (".pdb" files), not resource databases (".prc" files).


Andrew Arensburger <[email protected]>