pdfjam-pocketmod(1) make an 8-page PDF document into a pocket-sized booklet


pdfjam-pocketmod SRC [PAGESPEC] [OPTION [OPTION] ...]


pdfjam-pocketmod converts 8 pages of a PDF file into a single 8-up page, with pages ordered and oriented for folding into pocket-sized booklet ( as described at http://repocketmod.com/ ).

SRC must be a regular PDF file (not /dev/stdin).

If PAGESPEC is omitted, the first 8 pages are processed.

OPTION is any option to pdfjam(1) other than --batch.

pdfjam-pocketmod is a simple wrapper for pdfjam, which provides a front end to some of the capabilities of the pdfpages package for pdflatex. A working installation of pdflatex, with the pdfpages package, is required.

pdfjam-pocketmod is part of the "PDFjam" package of tools, whose homepage is at http://go.warwick.ac.uk/pdfjam .


For the available options and site/user defaults, see the output of

pdfjam --help

For further information and some examples see http://go.warwick.ac.uk/pdfjam .


pdfjam-pocketmod does not work with encrypted PDF files, and does not preserve hyperlinks.

The '--keepinfo' option does not work.

Please report bugs! See the website at http://www.warwick.ac.uk/go/pdfjam.


PDFjam is distributed under the GNU public license.


pdfjam-pocketmod is written and maintained by David Firth as part of the PDFjam package.