pegasus-sc-client(1) generates a site catalog by querying sources.


pegasus-sc-client [-Dproperty=value...]
[--source src]
[-g|--grid grid]
[-o|--vo vo]
[-s|--sc scfile]
[-p|--properties propfile]


pegasus-sc-client generates site catalog by querying sources like OSGMM, MYSOG, etc.



The -D option allows an experienced user to override certain properties which influence the program execution, among them the default location of the user's properties file and the PEGASUS_HOME location. One may set several CLI properties by giving this option multiple times.

The -D option(s) must be the first option on the command line. CLI properties take precedence over the file-based properties of the same key.

--source src

the source to query for site information. Valid sources are: OSGMM

-g grid, --grid grid

the grid for which to generate the site catalog information.

-o vo, --vo vo

The Virtual Organization (VO) to which the user belongs. The default VO is LIGO. The collector host should be set by default unless overridden by the property according to the following rules:

• if VO is ligo then collector host queried is

• if VO is engage then collector host queried is

• for any other VO, will be queried and in all the paths the name of the engage VO will be replaced with the name of the VO passed. e.g if user specifies the VO to be cigi, engage will be replaced by cigi in the directory paths.

-s scfile, --sc scfile

The path to the created site catalog file

-p propfile, --properties propfile

Generate a Pegasus properties file containing the SRM properties. The properties file is created only if --source is set to OSGMM.

-v, --verbose

Increases the verbosity of messages about what is going on.

-V, --version

Displays the current version of Pegasus.

-h, --help

Displays all the options to the pegasus-sc-client command.


Runs pegasus-sc-client and generates the site catalog:

$ pegasus-sc-client --source OSGMM --sc osg-sites.xml --vo LIGO --grid OSG


Prasanth Thomas

Pegasus Team m[blue]http://pegasus.isi.edum[]