Perinci::Sub::Normalize(3) Normalize Rinci function metadata


This document describes version 0.18 of Perinci::Sub::Normalize (from Perl distribution Perinci-Sub-Normalize), released on 2016-05-11.


use Perinci::Sub::Normalize qw(normalize_function_metadata);
my $nmeta = normalize_function_metadata($meta);


normalize_function_metadata($meta[ , \%opts ]) => HASH

Normalize and check Rinci function metadata $meta. Return normalized metadata, which is a shallow copy of $meta. Die on error.

Available options:

  • allow_unknown_properties => BOOL (default: 0)

    If set to true, will die if there are unknown properties.

  • normalize_sah_schemas => BOOL (default: 1)

    By default, Sah schemas e.g. in "result/schema" or "args/*/schema" property is normalized using Data::Sah's "normalize_schema". Set this to 0 if you don't want this.

  • remove_internal_properties => BOOL (default: 0)

    If set to 1, all properties and attributes starting with underscore ("_") with will be stripped. According to DefHash specification, they are ignored and usually contain notes/comments/extra information.


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