Pescetti(1) Pseudo-Duplimate Generator




This manual page documents briefly the pescetti command.



Here are a list of the available options and what they do. You must specify exactly one from --demo, --generate or --load.

Prints the help text
Demonstration mode. Generates one hand with permutations and the tutorial for how to use them.
Generate N random boards
Load boards+analysis from boards.txt
Load boards from in dds format
Load analysis from tricks.txt
Generate the permutations and save them to the given file
Save curtain cards to file curtains.txt
Save the boards+analysis to boards.txt
Save the boards to in dds format
Save the analysis to tricks.txt
Set the output mode to the given format
Set the title for the output
Print the hands to hands.txt, rather than to standard output
Generate statistics about the set of boards; included in the hands output
Run the dds analyzer on the boards and print the resulting numberof tricks (warning SLOW)
A list of criteria to apply to each generated hand to generate specific hand types. The list should be space separated and each item may be suffixed with a colon and a (fractional) probability value which can be used to weight the criteria.
E.g. --criteria="weaknt:0.8 strongnt:0.5"
Valid criteria are: unbalanced weaknt strongnt twont strongtwo weaktwo three twoclubs 4441 singlesuit twosuits partscore game slam game-invite slam-invite jumpshift jumpfit splinter bacon weird
Generate hands matching the criteria with only the given probability. Factor is in the range 0 to 1. On each attempt to generate a board it is rejected if it doesn't match the criteria with the given probability. A factor of about 0.8 gives roughly half matching boards


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