pfm_set_options(3) set performance monitoring library debug options


#include <perfmon/pfmlib.h>

int pfm_set_options(pfmlib_options_t *opt);


This function can be called at any time to adjust the level of debug of the library. You can adjust the verbosity or the debug level. In both cases, extra output will be generated on the standard output when the library gets called. This can be useful to figure out how the PMC registers are initialized.

The opt argument is a pointer to a pfmlib_options_t structure which is defined as follows:

typedef struct {
        unsigned int    pfm_debug:1;
        unsigned int    pfm_verbose:1;
} pfmlib_options_t;

Setting pfm_debug to 1 will enable debug messages whereas setting pfm_verbose will enable verbose messages.


The function returns whether or not it was successful.A return value of PFMLIB_SUCCESS indicates success, otherwise the value is the error code.


the argument is invalid, most likely a NULL pointer.


Stephane Eranian <[email protected]>