pfsoutffmpeg(1) Read pfs frames from stdin and forward them to ffmpeg program


pfsoutffmpeg [--help] <ffmpeg options> output_file


This command is a wrapper for ffmpeg program and can be used to write pfs frames to a compressed video.

Check the examples section to for sample usage and see manual of ffmpeg for further information.

Note that the usage of '-f' switch (input format specifier) and '-i' switch (input file specifier) of the ffmpeg program is implemented inside the script and is therefore not allowed.


pfsinrgbe frame%04d.hdr --frames 100:2:200 | pfstmo_reinhard02 -s
| pfsgamma -g 1.7 | pfsoutffmpeg -qscale 4 test.avi

1. Read HDR frames in RGBE format with the following names:
   frame0100.hdr, frame0102.hdr, frame0104.hdr,... frame0200.hdr

2. Apply local tone mapping operator to each frame (Reinhard2002
   model, part of the PFSTMO package)

3. Apply gamma correction to each tone mapped frame

4. Compress frames to test.avi animation


Frames smaller than 512x384 can cause broken pipe error, due to bug in ppm pipe reading routine in ffmpeg.

Please report bugs and comments to Rafal Mantiuk <[email protected]> or Grzegorz Krawczyk <[email protected]>.