phm2if(1) Generate Phantom (generate phantom for computed tomography simulator)


phm2if outfile nx ny [--phantom phantom-name] [--picfile filename] [OPTIONS]


phm2if outfile nx ny [--phantom phantom-name] [--picfile filename] [OPTIONS] generates phantom images for comparisons to reconstructions for CTsim.

phm2if outfile nx ny [--phantom phantom-name] [--picfile filename] [OPTIONS] is configured to use a variety of options for phantom generation.

The options are as follows:

--phantom predefined-phantom-name
Selects a predefined phantom name
--picfile picfile
Reads a picture file that defines a phantom
--filter filter-name
Generate a phantom image from a filter
--filter-param x
Set alpha level for Hamming filter
--filter-bw bw
Filter bandwidth (default is 1)
--filter-domain domain
Set domain to "spatial" or "freq"
--nsample n
Use n samples per X & Y direction for each pixel
--trace level
Set trace level (default is none)
--desc description
Save description in image file
Turn on verbose mode
Turn on debug mode
Print version
Print terse help summary


Kevin Rosenberg, M.D. <[email protected]>


CTSim was begun in 1983 using MS-DOS and an EGA display adapter. In 1999 it was ported to GNU/Linux and later ported to Microsoft Windows.