phref(3) mbk physical reference


The phref structure is used to describe a reference belonging to a symbolic layout model, see phfig(3) for details. A reference allows to name a point anywhere in a given model. It may then be seen as a name, and not anymore as a couple of coordinates. References are mostly used for cell programming and multi-access connector representation.

The declarations needed to work on phref are available in the header file "/labo/include/mph402.h", where '402' is the actual mbk version.

The following C structure supports the description of the reference :

typedef struct phref {
   struct phref     *NEXT;
   char             *FIGNAME;
   char             *NAME;
   long             XREF,YREF;
   struct ptype     *USER;
} phref_list;
Pointer to the next reference in the list.
Kind of reference. Gives information about the possible uses of the object. Some FIGNAME are in use today :
for multi-access connectors
for all other uses
Name of the reference. The refence is identified by its name, so it should be unique at a given hierarchical level.
Coordinates of the point beeing referenced.
Pointer to a ptype list, see ptype(3) for details, that is a general purpose pointer used to share informations on the reference.