ping6(1) Packets to network hosts


ping6 [OPTION...] HOST ...


Send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts.

Options valid for all request types:

-c, --count=NUMBER
Stop after sending NUMBER packets.
-d, --debug
Set the SO_DEBUG option.
Specify N as hop-limit.
-i, --interval=NUMBER
Wait NUMBER seconds between sending each packet.
-n, --numeric
Do not resolve host addresses.
-r, --ignore-routing
Send directly to a host on an attached network.
Synonym for --hoplimit.
-T, --tos=N
Set traffic class to N.
-v, --verbose
Verbose output.
-w, --timeout=N
Stop after N seconds.

Options valid for --echo requests:

-f, --flood
Flood ping (root only).
-l, --preload=NUMBER
Send NUMBER packets as fast as possible before falling into normal mode of behavior (root only).
-p, --pattern=PATTERN
Fill ICMP packet with given pattern (hex).
-q, --quiet
Quiet output.
-s, --size=NUMBER
Send NUMBER data octets.
-?, --help
Give this help list.
give a short usage message.
-V, --version
Print program version.

Options marked with (root only) are available only to superuser.