pkcs11-list(8) list PKCS#11 objects


pkcs11-list [-P] [-m module] [-s slot] [-i ID] [-l label] [-p PIN]



lists the PKCS#11 objects with ID or label or by default all objects.



List only the public objects. (Note that on some PKCS#11 devices, all objects are private.)

-m module

Specify the PKCS#11 provider module. This must be the full path to a shared library object implementing the PKCS#11 API for the device.

-s slot

Open the session with the given PKCS#11 slot. The default is slot 0.

-i ID

List only key objects with the given object ID.

-l label

List only key objects with the given label.

-p PIN

Specify the PIN for the device. If no PIN is provided on the command line, pkcs11-list will prompt for it.


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