pkcs11_eventmgr(1) SmartCard PKCS#11 Event Manager


pkcs11_eventmgr [[no]debug] [[no]daemon] [polling_time=<secs> ] [expire_time=<secs>] [pkcs11_module=<module> ] [config_file=<filename>]


card_eventmgr is a SmartCard Monitoring that listen to the status of the card reader and dispatch actions on several events. card_eventmgr can be used to several actions, like lock screen on card removal
Three events are supported: card insert, card removal and timeout on removed card. Actions to take are specified in the configuration file


Enable debugging output. Default is no debug
Runs in background. If debug is unset, dettach also from tty. Default: no daemon
Set polling timeout in secs. Defaults to 1 sec
Set timeout on card removed. Defaults to 0 (never)
config_file=<configuration file>
Sets de configuration file. Defaults to /etc/pam_pkcs11/card_eventmgr.conf
pkcs11_module=< library>
Sets the pkcs#11 library module to use. Defaults to /usr/lib/pkcs11/





To run this program the standard way type:


Alternativly you can specify options:

pkcs11_eventmgr nodebug nodaemon polling_time=5 config_file=${HOME}/.pkcs11_eventmgr.conf


Some PKCS#11 Libraries fails on card removal and re-insert. to avoid this, pkcs11_eventmgr try to re-initialize stuff by calling C_Finalize() and C_Initialize() on card removal
Some apps like [xscreensaver-command] may fail due to external events ( eg: try to unlock an unlocked session ). In this case, command incorrectly returns error code.
User shoult take care on this circumstance


Juan Antonio Martinez <[email protected]>