pkdsm2shadow(1) program to calculate sun shadow based on digital surface model and sun angles


pkdsm2shadow -i input -o output [-sza angle] [-saa angle] [options] [advanced options]


pkdsm2shadow is a utility to create a binary shadow mask from a digital surface model, based on Sun zenith (-sza) and azimuth angles (-saa).


-i filename, --input filename
input image file
-o filename, --output filename
Output image file
-sza angle, --sza angle
Sun zenith angle.
-saa angle, --saa angle
Sun azimuth angle (N=0 E=90 S=180 W=270).
-f value, --flag value
Flag to put in image if pixel shadow
-ot type, --otype type
Data type for output image ({Byte / Int16 / UInt16 / UInt32 / Int32 / Float32 / Float64 / CInt16 / CInt32 / CFloat32 / CFloat64}). Empty string: inherit type from input image
-of GDALformat, --oformat GDALformat
Output image format (see also gdal_translate(1)).
-ct filename, --ct filename
color table (file with 5 columns: id R G B ALFA (0: transparent, 255: solid)
-co option, --co option
Creation option for output file. Multiple options can be specified.
-v level, --verbose level
verbose mode if > 0

Advanced options

-s value, --scale value
scale used for input dsm: height=scale*input+offset
-off value, --offset value
offset used for input dsm: height=scale*input+offset


Create a shadow mask for the input raster dataset dsm.tif, using Sun zenith angle of 10 degrees and a Sun azimuth angle of 135 degrees (South-South-East). All shadow pixels are set to a value of 1.

pkdsm2shadow -i dsm.tif -sza 10 -saa 170 -f 1 -o shadow.tif