pkglab(1) explore package repositories


pkglab [OPTION]...


Pkglab is an interactive, console-based environment to explore package repositories of package-based software distributions.

A pkglab session typically starts by loading a package repository in one of the different formats understood pkglab. Then, pkglab can check given package combinations for co-installability according to inter-package relationships.


-architecture architecture
Default architecture to use when accessing packages from a package repository. By default the current host architecture is used.

-history filename
Use the file filename to load and save command-line history. Defaults to $HOME/.pkglab-history.

-script filename
Execute commands from the file filename.

-merge waterway
Start by merging the archive found in waterway.

-help, --help
Display basic help information.


Pkglab was written by Berke Durak and Jaap Boender for the EDOS and Mancoosi projects.