pkgos.make(8) helper with useful functions for maintainers




pkgos.make uses exist file to generate appropriate init script, systemd unit and upstart job if these files are absent. This make file also contains some common functions which can be useful for maintainers:

this function is responsible for generating init script, systemd unit and upstart job.
generates list of authors taken from git log.
generate changelog file for debian distribution from git log.
downloads the new upstream tarball by using uscan.
downloads package from the upstream (<package_name>). The package_name is determined by the package of the current directory.
creates original tarball by using (xz|gz|bz2) data compressor.
create master branch.
is the pipeline of the functions fetch-upstream-remote, gen-orig-xz, get-master-branch.
write package version to the versioninfo file.
displays number of translated messages for each .po file in debian/po.
this functions calls podebconf-report-po with specific parameters.
generate list of all files of the package and write it to the


pkgos.make does not take any options


For calling functions above use next syntax:
/./debian/rules <function_name>
Downloading upstream tarball:
/./debian/rules get-orig-source

As a result downloaded tarball will be placed into build-area folder which should be exist and placed above the current project folder.


No known bugs.


Script is written by Thomas Goirand <[email protected]>
Man page is written by Andrii Kroshchenko <[email protected]>