pkgs_to_mmin(1) extract mirror-master details from mirror package files


pkgs_to_mmin [-y last_ok] [-n last_notok] [packages] package


pkgs_to_mmin is a utility perl script which reads mirror package files and for each package found outputs details as one line of text in the form:

filename:packagename last_ok last_notok


-y last_ok
where last_ok is an integer (default 8).
-n last_notok
where last_notok is an integer (default 8).


pkgs_to_mmin -y 20 /etc/mirror/packages/debian-dists
lists mirror-master detail lines for all the mirror packages in debian-dists with last_ok reset to 20.
cmdin=pkgs_to_mmin /etc/mirror/late/* | grep ":patch"
is a line in a
mirror-master control file. When run, pkgs_to_mmin makes detail lines for all packages found in /etc/mirror/late/, grep selects only lines with :patch which mirror then runs. A following line would use grep -v. Keep unsuitable package files in another directory. For large archives use a separate directory for each time of day mirror-master starts.


The author of the pkgs_to_mmin script is Lee McLoughlin and the source of the script is:


The copyright statement can be found in the file