pkspxyc(1) The PKS proxy client


pkspxyc [-d] [-f] [-s server] [-p port] [-b database] key-id ...


pkspxyc is the "smart" client to be used with the PKS proxy server. More generally, it can be used as a HKP client with almost any PGP key server.

The client will send a simple HTTP request to a server determined through default settings and command line options. This request contains a key-id and the time stamp of the last query for the same key-id. When the server has updated its cache file for the key-id since that point of time, it will return the key data in ascii armor, and tagged as text/html. When there was no update, the server will return an empty response, with an HTTP return code of 204.

Server responses are written to standard output.


Enable debug mode.
Don't pass the time stamp of the last look-up of a certain key-id to the server.
-s server
Tells pkspxyc which key server to use. The default is "localhost".
-p port
Use the given port. The default is port 11372. (Note that key servers usually listen to port 11371.)
-b database
Use the given database file to record time stamps. The default is the file .pkspxyc in the user's home directory.


pkspxyc will return the exit value 0 when at least one of the queries performed was successful. An exit value different from 0 indicates that no key data could be obtained.


Thomas Roessler <[email protected]>