Plait(1) Command-line Jukebox.


Usage is:

"plait <hint about artist or album or song> [[not] <hint>]...[as <mix>]", or "plait --stream <hint> [[not] <hint>]..."


--list,-l -- show matching tracks but don't play
--mix,-m -- play tracks matching any hint (make a mix)
--queue,-q -- add tracks to queue
--random,-r -- play in random order
--sort -- play in sorted order
--stripe -- play in alternating order
--stripe2 -- play in random alternating order
--fade -- play in gaussian fade order
--group -- play randomly in groups
--tracks,-t -- play n tracks, if possible
--stream,-s -- play Shoutcast radio streams
--mixfile,-f -- read hints from mixfile
--device,-d -- choose target device
--platform -- choose platform
--coverart -- cover art mode (0 or 1)
--guest,-g -- use guest configuration
--interactive,-i -- interactive mode
--cache,-c -- rebuild cache
--install -- install Plait
--uninstall -- uninstall Plait
--help -- show help
--version -- show version


Written by Stephen Jungels (


Copyright © 2005-2008 by Stephen Jungels. Released under the GPL. Latest version and more info at