plasmapkg(1) Install, list, remove Plasma packages


plasmapkg [-h, --hash path] [-g, --global] [-t, --type type] [-i, --install path] [-u, --upgrade path] [-l, --list] [--list-types] [-r, --remove name] [-p, --packageroot path] [KDE Generic Options] [Qt Generic Options]



is a command line tool to install, list, remove Plasma packages.


-h, --hash path

Generate a SHA1 hash for the package at "path".

-g, --global

For install or remove, operates on packages installed for all users.

-t, --type type

The type of package, e.g. theme, wallpaper, plasmoid, dataengine, runner, layout-template, etc. [plasmoid].

-i, --install path

Install the package at "path".

-u, --upgrade path

Upgrade the package at "path".

-l, --list

List installed packages.

-r, --remove name

Remove the package named "name".

-p, --packageroot path

Absolute path to the package root. If not supplied, then the standard data directories for this KDE session will be searched instead.


plasmapkg was written by Aaron Seigo <[email protected]>.