plerry(3) Draw y error bar


plerry(n, x, ymin, ymax)


Draws a set of n vertical error bars, the i'th error bar extending from ymin[i] to ymax[i] at x coordinate x[i]. The terminals of the error bar are of length equal to the minor tick length (settable using plsmin(3plplot)).

Redacted form: General: plerry(x, ymin, ymax) Perl/PDL: plerry(n, x, ymin, ymax)

This function is used in example 29.


n (PLINT, input)
Number of error bars to draw.
x (const PLFLT *, input)
Pointer to array with x coordinates of error bars.
ymin (const PLFLT *, input)
Pointer to array with y coordinates of lower endpoint of error bars.
ymax (const PLFLT *, input)
Pointer to array with y coordinate of upper endpoint of error bar.


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