plowmod(1) Simple plowshare modules management tool


plowmod ACTION [OPTIONS]... [URL]...
plowmod --install [URL]...
plowmod --update
plowmod --status


plowmod is a command-line tool designed to ease plowshare modules installation and update. The script is standalone and not dependent of other plow* tools.

At startup, plowdown, plowup, plowprobe, plowlist or plowdel search for ~/.config/plowshare/modules.d/*/config files and build an available module list.

Remote repository sources (URLs) can be only git repositories for now.


Action options

-i, --install
Install from scratch from one or several URLs to plowshare modules directory (see --modules-directory switch below). For now, this is a simple git clone. From repository URL, a sub-directory name is figured out (some kind of basename) and will be created in plowshare modules directory.
-s, --status
Print some useful information about modules directories found and possible conflicts (when using -v3 switch).
-u, --update
Browse plowshare modules directory (each sub-directory) and try to update sources. For now, this is a simple git pull.

Logging options

-v, --verbose=LEVEL
Set output verbosity level:
0 none,
1 errors,
2 notice (default behavior),
3 debug,
4 report (very noisy, not very useful here).
-q, --quiet
Alias for -v0. Do not print any debug messages.

Miscellaneous options

Disables log messages (stderr only) output coloring.
Set plowshare modules directory. Default is ~/.config/plowshare/modules.d/. You should not modify this unless you are a package maintainer or want to embed plowshare into PHP.

Generic program information

-h, --help
Display main help and exit.
Output version information and exit.


User plowshare modules directory for installation or update of repository sources. This location prevails over ones listed below.
(replace /usr with your installation prefix) Since plowshare is not delivered with modules anymore, this is unused. This is still supported for compatibility purpose but you are discouraged using it.
Obsolete user modules directory. Prefer using ~/.config/plowshare/modules.d/xxx/ instead.


The following environment variables may affect plowdown:
The directory to store user configuration files. If not defined, ~/.config is assumed.


Possible exit codes are:

Operation success.
Fatal error. Unexpected result.
System generic error.
Unknown command line parameter or incompatible options.

If plowmod is invoked with multiple URLs (command-line arguments), and one or several errors occur, the first error code is returned added with 100.


Plowshare was initially written by Arnau Sanchez. See the AUTHORS file for a list of some of the many other contributors.

Plowshare is (C) 2010-2016 The Plowshare Team