plsense(1) Omni completion tool for Perl


plsense [Option] [Command] argument...

plsense [Option] -i


PlSense is a development tool for Perl. PlSense provides Completion/Help about Module/Function/Variable optimized for context.


Path of log file.
Level of logging. Its value is for Log::Handler.
Limit count of task that run on server process.
Port number for listening by main server process. Default is 33333.
Port number for listening by work server process. Default is 33334.
Port number for listening by resolve server process. Default is 33335.
-c, --cachedir
Path of directory caching information for Completion/Help.
-h, --help
Show this message.
-i, --interactive
Run interactively.
-v, --version
Show vertion.


a, assist [Code]
Do assist about Code.
ahelp, assisthelp [Cand]
Show help about Cand of last assist.
c, codeadd [Code]
Add source to current location.
chelp, codehelp [Code]
Show help about Code.
Update configuration about plsense.
debuglex [Code/File]
Show the PPI::Lexer layout as result of parsing Code/File for debugging.
debugmod [File/Module]
Show detail of File/Module for debugging.
debugrt [Regexp]
Show routing matched by Regexp for debugging.
Show quantity of stocked on server process for debugging.
debugsubst [Regexp]
Show substitute matched by Regexp for debugging.
explore [Regexp]
Show the packages matched by Regexp and their methods.
fhelp, subhelp [Sub] [Module]
Show help about Sub of Module.
help [Command]
Show detail help about Command.
loc, location
Show current location.
loglevel [Level] [Server]
Update the log level to Level about the logging of Server.
mhelp, modhelp [Module]
Show help about Module.
o, open [File/Module]
Open File/Module.
onf, onsub [Sub]
Set current location by Sub for assist.
onfile [File]
Set current location by File for assist.
onmod [Module]
Set current location by Module for assist.
Show task list that is running on server process.
Show stack of task that is not yet running on server process.
ready [File/Module]
Show status of File/Module.
Refresh server process.
remove [File/Module]
Remove the cached information about File/Module.
Remove all cached information.
subinfo [Code]
Show signature of the method detected by Code.
svstart, serverstart
Start server process.
svstat, serverstatus
Show server process status.
svstop, serverstop
Stop server process.
u, update [File/Module]
Update File/Module.
vhelp, varhelp [Var] [Module]
Show help about Var of Module.


Hiroaki Otsu <ootsuhiroaki at>

This manual page was written by KURASHIKI Satoru <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).