plstransform(3) Set a global coordinate transform function


plstransform(coordinate_transform, coordinate_transform_data)


This function can be used to define a coordinate transformation which affects all elements drawn within the current plot window. The coordinate_transform function is similar to that provided for the plmap(3plplot) and plmeridians(3plplot) functions. The coordinate_transform_data parameter may be used to pass extra data to coordinate_transform.

Redacted form: General: plstransform(coordinate_transform, coordinate_transform_data)

This function is used in examples 19 and 22.


coordinate_transform (void (*) (PLFLT, PLFLT, PLFLT *, PLFLT *, PLPointer) , input)
Pointer to a function that defines a transformation from the input (x, y) coordinate to a new plot world coordinate. A NULL pointer means that no transform is applied.
coordinate_transform_data (PLPointer, input)
Optional extra data for coordinate_transform.


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