plucker-decode(1) parses the Plucker cache file(s)


plucker-decode [-h] [-v] [-s] [-S] [-d] [-z] <filename> ...


plucker-decode This tool disassembles files generated by the Plucker parser (or any other Plucker compatible parser) and collects statistics about the disassembled documents.

If you get a traceback with an assertion error, something is wrong in the data file or the data is compressed with ZLib and you forgot to specify the -z option.


display usage information and exit
output version information and exit
show statics for each document
show summary statistics for all documents
show disassembly information for each document
use ZLib to uncompress the documents


Holger Duerer <[email protected]> (man page by Michael Nordstrom, <[email protected]>)

Report bugs to or <[email protected]>