pm-uninstall(1) Uninstall modules


pm-uninstall [options] Module ...
-v,--verbose Turns on chatty output
-f,--force Uninstalls without prompts
-c,--checkdeps Check dependencies (defaults to on)
-n,--no-checkdeps Don't check dependencies
-q,--quiet Suppress some messages
-h,--help This help message
-V,--version Show version
-l,--local-lib Additional module path
-L,--local-lib-contained Additional module path (don't include non-core modules)


pmuninstall is a fast module uninstaller. It reads installed files lists from *.packlist files (generated when installing modules using e.g. cpanminus) and deletes them.

Note that it won't attempt to uninstall modules installed by Debian packages.